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Two steps to open an account with Roush Financial

1. Complete the Application

Complete an Application, and return along with the information (your Assumed Name Certificate or Incorporated papers) and fee requested in the application
Roush Financial & Mazon Associates will review information and upon approval will prepare documentation (step 2) for both parties.

2. Send Documentations

● Factoring Agreement and Security Agreement (outlining the terms)
● Certified Copy of Corporate Resolutions (if incorporated)
● Guaranty (Signed by Majority Owners of a corporation)
● UCC-1 Financing Statement (Filed with Secretary of State and County Clerk)

After Opening an Account

You send your invoice to your customers as normal. Whenever you want to factor invoices, you send a summary sheet and a copy of the invoices to Roush Financial or Mazon Associates by fax or email.

Mazon Associates verifies the invoice and then advances 75% to 80% of the invoice amount by Direct Deposit or wire transfer, usually within 24 hours.

When Mazon Associatesl collects from your customer, Mazon retains the amount originally advanced plus a nominal fee, and returns the balance to you.

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